2021 Piano Syllabus

Sections titled "Restricted" are only open to competitors who have not been placed 1st or 2nd in that Restricted section, in that particular age group, in a prior St George Instrumental Eisteddfod.

受限制的部分是对那些竞争者没有被列入第一,第二限制部分,在那个特定的年龄组,在任何之前的 St George Instrumental Eisteddfod.


Special Restricted sections are only for competitors who live in the St George area with postcodes from 2205 to 2223.


特殊限制部分是只对住在圣乔治地区,邮编从 2205 到 2223 的竞争者。


Please note that only one (1) piece of music can be performed per section. You are not permitted to play the same piece of music in more than one section, except for finalist of the open championship. Failure to comply will lead to disqualification in the section.

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