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Key contact information


If you wish to contact the St George Instrumental Eisteddfod, please email and a committee member will respond to your enquiry via email at their earliest convenience.


The Committee


The St George Instrumental Eisteddfod Committee is made up of volunteers. We are passionate about ensuring future generations have the opportunity to participate in this great event.


Executive Committee


Title                           Position held by                                   

President                   Mr Robert Phillips

Vice President           Ms Bernadette Li

Secretary                   Mrs Monique Cohen

Public officer              Mrs Monique Cohen

Treasurer                   Mrs Sara Ng

Convenor                   Mrs Kathryn Phillips

Other Committee members include:

  • Mr Paul Wilcock

  • Mrs Ophelia Lam

  • Ms Claire Cohen 

  • Dr Loretta Lee  

  • Ms Asya Acehan

  • Ms Felicia Li 

Eisteddfod assistants

  • Ms Elisha Cohen

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