General Rules and Conditions

Please Note: All rules must be read carefully to avoid disappointment and possible disqualification. Rules and conditions that apply in 2021.



1. Please refer to the "How to Enter Online" tab for more information


2. Payments are to be made to the St. George Instrumental Eisteddfod Inc. Please click here for more information


3. All entries must be completed online. No entry will be accepted unless the online entry process is followed. Click here for more information.


4. An incomplete online entry will not be accepted. All sections of the online application process must be completed.


5. Entries must be submitted online no later than 30 April 2021.


6. Any late entry submitted after the 30 April 2021 will incur an extra $25.00 for each entry. Late entries will not be accepted after 7 May 2021.


7. The St George Instrumental Eisteddfod Inc. holds no responsibility for any incorrect details submitted.


8. An entry acknowledgement receipt with your ID number for reference will be emailed to the email address provided by you. Competitors must contact if they have not received this email within 14 days of lodgement.


9. Any changes and/or corrections of details or sections WILL NOT be permitted after 7 May 2021. Competitors are advised to check all details emailed to them carefully. Any request for changes and /or corrections of details, which are the fault of the applicant, must be accompanied by a $10.00 administration fee per each change or correction. Please check your application form thoroughly before submitting.


10. Competitors may NOT appear in section(s) other than those specified in their accepted entry form. The Committee has the right to refuse an entry.



11. Competitors must perform in events applicable to their age only, unless an event has no age specified. Age is determined as at 30 April 2021. 


12. Events titled ANY AGE are open to anyone.


13. Events titled "Restricted" are only open to competitors who have not been placed 1st or 2nd in that Restricted section, in that particular age group, in a prior St George Instrumental Eisteddfod.





14. The adjudicator's decision is final.


15. The Convenor has the right to combine, divide sections, or reduce the number of prizes depending on the number of performing competitors. The Convenor's decision is final.


16. There must be a minimum of three (3) competitors performing in each section. In the event of fewer than 3 competitors performing, each competitor will receive an adjudication report only and no trophies or monetary prizes will be awarded.


17. Competitors must register AT LEAST 15 MINUTES BEFORE the start of the event. Competitors who fail to do so will receive adjudication reports only and will not be eligible for any trophies or monetary prizes. It is advised that when travelling to the Eisteddfod venue on competition days, each competitor should allow time for transport delays and/or parking. 


18. The St George Instrumental Eisteddfod Inc. accepts no responsibility for any unauthorised photocopy of music used by competitors. Please refer to the copyright laws of the Australian Commonwealth Agencies.


19. A competitor must provide at the registration table on the day of performance, a copy of the Competitor’s “own choice” music for the use of the Adjudicator. PLEASE NOTE: Any photocopied music will not be returned and will be destroyed. Commercially printed sheet music provided will be returned.


20. Choosing the correct music/style according to each section’s requirement as stipulated by the syllabus, is the responsibility of each competitor. Failure to present with the correct music will result in an adjudication report only. Only one (1) piece of music is allowed per section. You are not permitted to play the same piece of music in more than one section. 


21. Competitors and their parents/supporters may not approach the Adjudicator's table, nor speak to the Adjudicator. If these rules are ignored, the competitor will be disqualified immediately.


22. Where a time limit is set for a performance, the competitor should not exceed it. Should this happen, the entrant is disqualified for a prize and will receive a report only.


23. Competitors in championship sections must compete in at least THREE SECTIONS, one of which is the championship itself. The pieces performed for the championship must not have been performed from the other two (2) or more sections. The pieces played during the heats one piece must be repeated for the finals (if applicable).


24. First place Championship winners are not permitted to enter the same section for the next two (2) years.


25. Persons who have been taught or advised by the Adjudicator in the six (6) months prior to the opening day of the Eisteddfod cannot compete in the Eisteddfod under that adjudicator.


26. Competitors waiting their turn will show consideration by remaining quiet while others are competing. If continual disruption is generated during a performance, the offender will be asked leave the room until that particular Section has been completed.


27. Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be switched off upon entering the hall. 




28. Copyright laws and Child Protection legal requirements prohibit private use of mobile phones, cameras, laptops, iPads, tablets and any other electronic recording devices in the competition area of the Eisteddfod venue. If a competitor’s parents/supporters are found using such items, the child will be disqualified from the particular section of the competition in which they are appearing. Any offender will be asked to leave the competition area.


29. Large bags, for example BACKPACKS, SCHOOL BAGS, INSTRUMENT CARRYING CASES ARE TO BE LEFT AT THE REGISTRATION AREA. These types of items are not permitted in the competition area of the Eisteddfod.


30. The St George Instrumental Eisteddfod Inc. wishes to advise we are not responsible for any accident, injury, and/or loss of property. Please be responsible for your own personal items when attending the St George Instrumental Eisteddfod Inc.


31. All protests must be in writing and handed in within one hour of the completion of a section, accompanied by a fee of $50.00. The fee is forfeited if the protest is dismissed.


32. Disruptive behaviour and/or the consumption of liquor is not acceptable nor allowed in the eisteddfod venue. This rule applies to all people who are attending the eisteddfod venue. The offending person/people will be asked to leave immediately.


33. Admission to the competition area is by ticket holders only. Purchase of ticket(s) may be made at the main entrance of the Kogarah School of Arts. See our website prior to attending the Eisteddfod for entry fees.


34. Competitors entering sections P202, P208, P218 and P233 are only eligible to enter one graded section only.


35. The St George Instrumental Eisteddfod Inc. does not provide instruments other than the piano(s) for any section. If a competitor requires another instrument other than the piano, they must provide their own instruments.




36. All the rules and conditions above apply to the String divisions.


37. Competitors entering sections ST309, ST322 and ST326 are only eligible to enter one graded section only.


38. First place “Championship” winners are not permitted to enter the same section for the next two (2) years, this is applicable for the open age string concerto championship from 2019.

39. Competitors who enter String Championship (ST329) must compete in at least one other Section of the 2021 St George Instrumental Eisteddfod. The piece performed for the championship must not have been performed from the other section/sections.


40. The first placed Championship Winner is not permitted to enter the same section for the next two (2) years.


41. The St George Instrumental Eisteddfod Inc. does not provide an official accompanist for any section. Each competitor must provide their own accompanist both for rehearsals and for the performance itself. Failure to provide an accompanist does disadvantage the performance and will result in a competitor not being considered for a prize in that section.


42. NOTE FOR ACCOMPANISTS: Accompanists are entitled free entry only if an application to the Convenor is received by email - one month prior to the opening day of the St George Instrumental Eisteddfod.