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APRA AMCOS - Copyright Declaration Form for All Competitors


Due to new licencing from APRA AMOS, all competitors must fill in the Copyright Declaration Form and hand it in at the Registration Table in conjunction with all music*. ALL MUSIC to be performed throughout the Eisteddfod is to be listed on this one form. The form may be downloaded via the link below and APRA AMCOS site.



Under the APRA AMCOS licence, competitors will not be allowed to perform without this form being filled out.


What is AMCOS?

The Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS) ensures composers/songwriters and publishers receive royalties for the reproduction of their musical works. In turn, AMCOS provides music users to legally play, perform, copy, record and make available their members' music.


What is copyright?

Australian copyright law is legislated at a Federal level by the Australian parliament and is contained in the Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968. In simple terms, copyright is rights given to creators of original works and recordings that include exclusive rights to reproduce the material and the right to perform the work to the public. Copyright owners can prevent others from reproducing or performing their work without their permission.

For more information please visit the APRA AMCOS website, http://apraamcos.com.au/music-customers/licence-types/music-in-education/eisteddfod-licence/








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